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Montana Freemason  February 2013                          Volume 86 Number 1

during the past year. One rumor that has circulated is        There has been a great deal of misinformation,
that I was not prepared for this year. This is true, how  presented on the web and through telecommunica-
could one be prepared for such events. I had made         tions. I personally can counter any and all false state-
considerable arrangements for my occupation and           ments by simply “standing up and hiding behind the
my family for the 2013-2014 year. These plans were        truth”. Brother Reid and his son Daniel, our assistant
dismantled in an instant. I do not seek sympathy,         secretary, have done a remarkable job in the past, and
only understanding that is ascertained by the truth.      are doing an even better job presently. I wish to thank
                                                          them for their patience. Most importantly, I want to
    Within my first correspondence last fall, I asked     commend them for using their Masonic lessons to
the craft to begin the process of moving forward. It is   make Montana Masonry better, especially when they
a difficult task, to say the least. I have asked that we    have been improperly and unethically maligned by an
focus the excess of energy, created by the past year’s    uninformed few. I want to make it clear to the craft;
events, on making more Masons by traditional degree       the heinous designs of a few in Montana have not
work. In my mind, this is the only way to make our        fooled the majority. Just like the lessons of the
jurisdiction stronger. It has to be done by mastering     Hiramic legend the truth will always triumph and
our rituals and making Masons, one at a time. This        there will be brighter days to come.
makes for a healthy local lodge. I will maintain my
position that Quality will yield Quantity, but not the        I will come full circle with my position on Lux et
other way around. Honesty, Integrity, and Quality are     Veritas. My design is to put forth the truth, no matter
the only tools I know to heal the wounds Montana          how unpleasant or hurtful, to provide some light on
Freemasonry has suffered. However, I am confident          these issues for all Montana Masons. I was reminded
these tools will work.                                    by my nine year old son, when he sensed my tension
                                                          from frustration brought about by no sleep from
    I would like to express that the person who has       searching for a solution to help Montana Masons,
suffered the most during our trials and tribulations       that right is right and wrong is wrong. Good behavior
(without pun) is our Grand Secretary, Reid Gardiner.      is rewarded and bad behavior is to be reprimanded.
I have to thank him for his patience with me as           My son also asked this question. “Isn’t being a Mason
I attempt to lead our state. Brother Reid has been        about having honor?” To this inquiry I replied, “Yes.”
publicly fouled without even a single opportunity to      He responded, “then they are not a Mason if they
speak on own his behalf. The actions of the Tribunal      don’t have honor.” Brothers, if a nine year old fourth
mended the material assault he was forced to endure,      grader can see the truth; we must also find our way
however, the intellectual effects are more difficult to      to the light of truth. I will close this correspondence
sooth. It is a slow process to rectify this situation,    by pressing the need for all Master Masons that are
without igniting a powder keg of emotion. I will state    entitled to vote to attend Grand Lodge Session in
publicly, that there are grounds for further charges      Butte and stand up for what is right and help me
against those who conspired against Brother Reid.         defend the truth. As we pursue the tenants of Lux et
As there is no statute of limitations for these charges   Veritas for our craft, may the Great Architect of the
or position of double jeopardy in Masonic code, time      Universe guide our actions, clear our minds, provide
is a powerful tool for me. The greatest testament to      for healing, and sow seeds for fruit of forgiveness,
Brother Reid’s position is the truth. And the truth is    thereby allowing us to best agree and work together.
this: In the face of atrocious accusations, there has
never been one ounce of proof of any misconduct,              Yours in Masonry,
nor did RW Duffy testify or present any proof of
such to the Tribunal. Well over six months after              Thom Chisholm, MWGM
these ridiculous charges, no one has even offered any          Grand Lodge AF & AM of Montana
evidence of malfeasance. The reason why is simple,
none exist.

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