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Montana Freemason  February 2013                            Volume 86 Number 1

                   Greetings From The Gand East
                             Lux et Veritas

     Brothers, to begin this correspondence, I would            The first point of order is to clearly establish that
like to discuss the motto of Yale University; Lux et        the cause of these concerns does not come from the
Veritas. This Latin phrase has been adopted by several      actions of the Grand Secretary or the Tribunal, but
institutes of higher learning in the United States,         rather are directly related to those of my predecessor.
including my collegiate alma mater in Missoula.             The Tribunal was formed according to the Code
Mottos such as these are chosen for very specific           and Constitution to deal with the actions stemming
purposes to be a guiding directive as man ventures          from RW Duffy’s decision to fire an elected officer.
forward in his formal learning. It has captured my          The minimum number of five sitting Worshipful
attention this year as I ponder the state of the craft in   Masters brought charges upon RW Duffy triggering
Montana. The phrase lux et veritas is translated into       the formation of the Tribunal by the immediate past
English as light and truth. Light and truth, there are      Grand Master. It is a fact that there were more Masters
few directives that could provide a better path for one     than necessary for this to happen. There were eight or
to follow.                                                  nine with more intending to do so, but it was found to
                                                            be unnecessary to have more than the initial five. The
    It is the need for light and truth that I present this  remaining elements of the Tribunal, including the
communication to the craft. Frankly, I know that            selection of its members and the processes involved
most, if not all, Masons in Montana are aware of the        all were done within the parameters of the Code.
fact that the current concerns in Masonry are not of        A great deal of care was taken to select Past Grand
my doing. However, as the elected and installed DGM         Masters that had not served with RW Duffy, so as to
(and Grand Master elect) I have assumed the powers,         not demonstrate a bias. Those selected represented
title, and authority of Grand Master, according to code     Montana’s varied geographical regions, as well as
due to vacancy in the office. As such, I am the person        the living history present in Montana’s Past Grand
who has to deal with these issues and concerns. I           Masters. That is to say, as many eras of history were
have tried desperately to approach my tasks with one        represented as possible. It is also noteworthy to point
concern in mind, the perseverance and integrity of the      out that two of these five had served on Jurisprudence
craft and its members. I was confident, and still am,       in prior years and had a strong understanding of the
that the lessons of Masonry can and will prevail. I         Code.
have tried to be patient and forgiving, and yet I feel
myself being torn by the actions of some members.               Many have questioned the timing and notice of
After many, many hours of phone calls and emails            such to the craft of the Tribunal process. Again, the
with the members of Jurisprudence, I have focused on        answer is that it was dictated by the Code, and as
some fundamental beliefs. The first, and foremost, is       well as the fact that the act was committed during
that I will not venture outside the boundaries of our       the summer when most lodges are dark. It is also
Code and Constitution to provide leadership to this         a fact that RW Duffy, as then Grand Master, was
Fraternity. Likewise, however, I cannot tolerate those      the only one who could have authorized circulating
who are either, blatantly violating the code, or trying     information to lodges to give proper notice. The
to skirt within the shadows of some obscure, if not         Tribunal was conducted exactly in the manner for
incorrect, interpretation of our laws. Also, there needs    which it was intended; the current Grand Master
to be factual elements presented to illustrate the truth.   had violated the code and sitting Masters called for a
It is also necessary to dispel some of the propaganda       trial. The members of the Tribunal found RW Duffy
that has been generated without approval of the             unanimously guilty on all five charges and he was
Grand Master. As required by the Code, circularizing        removed from office.
without approval results in Unmasonic conduct (see
Code, section 46020 D4).

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