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Montana Freemason  February 2013                         Volume 86 Number 1

divisive and decline results. Remember, what we do
today has a significant impact on our future.

  To remain, or once again become, obedient to our         The Lodge was founded in 1884 with the intent
rules cannot be accomplished solely by urging or by      on using an evidence based approach to the study
enforcement, but by our own self-control as well.        of Masonic history and research into Freemasonry.
To be unwilling to commit or tolerate a violation        This innovative approach was intended to replace the
must originate from dislike of the violation, not        imaginative writings of earlier authors of Freemasonry.
from indifference or fear of the consequences of          This new style and approach was later to be referred
being caught. Motivation comes from within and is        to as the authentic school of Masonic research.
limited only by the mind. No law is real until it is
inscribed in the heart. Only when our pure principles      The Founders planned to develop an interest in
and mandatory duties become the reigning reality         research among Brethren everywhere, to have papers
of our thoughts and the inspiration or our acts can      read and discussed in Lodge and published in its
Freemasonry be the influence intended – to make us       transactions Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. The Lodge
masters of ourselves.                                    thus hoped to attract the attention and enlist the
                                                         cooperation of Masonic scholars in all parts of the
  Thomas Jefferson’s observation – “Always commit an      world.
act as though the world were looking at you” should
be our watchword. To secure the inward blessing of         The Correspondence Circle exists so that as wide
our own consciences rather than submitting to the        an international audience as possible may enjoy and
pressure of our peers or the expediency of the moment    benefit from the research efforts of its members.
should be the guideline of our actions. Ralph Waldo      Membership of the Correspondence Circle is open to
Emerson suggested that the integrity of our own mind     all those interested in Masonry.
is the only thing that is sacred.
                                                           Questions on any subject related to Freemasonry
  Whether it be in conjunction with a Lodge or a         are most welcome and should be addressed to:
concordant or appendant body, or even independent
of a Masonic setting, all of us must abide fully by                   6LDCQ0oorC.nvGCRdernooetngaetGWrQaBrCudue2ereBntn, 5SSBetcrAereettary
the same high standards that are required of us as                    ENGLAND
Master Masons by our Constitutions, ordinances and                or
obligations.                                                      email:
  Intentional failure to prevent violations can be as             go to: uk
corrupt as a direct violation itself. Our second degree
instructs that we are not to palliate, condone nor
aggravate the offenses of our brethren.

  A Persian proverb reminds us that weakness is
indicated by being silent when it is proper to speak.
We must not continue to allow another enemy
of Freemasonry to weaken us from within by the
decadence of our own members. We must accept the
burdens and responsibilities of our great Fraternity as
well as enjoy its benefits.

 The Master poet said it well – “Keep the young
generation in hail, bequeath to them no tumbled

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