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Montana Freemason  February 2013                          Volume 86 Number 1

devoted a considerable portion of his time to
masonry, especially because he felt that the force of a
united Masonic institution could be a valuable aid in
unifying his country. This goal was ever on his mind
while constantly reminding his countrymen of the
necessity of conquering Rome and forcing reason into
the political Pope

  The year 1866 saw Garibaldi elected as Grand Master                                         Bibliography
of the Grand Lodge at Palermo and also Grand Master       Arribavene, Count Charles; Italy under Victor
of the Scottish Rite in Sicily, assuming the latter office  Emmanuel. Hurst & Blackett, (London, 1862).
in 1862. In 1863 the Supreme Council 33°, ASSR of         Colliers Encyclopedia: P.F. Collier Inc. (London & New
Italy elected him Grand Commander. Garibaldi              York, 1985).
lodge No. 542 New York City, was named in his honor       Denslow, William R,: 10,000 Famous Freemasons.
and warranted on June 11, 1864. At Turin in 1865,
the office of Grand Master of Masonry was won, but
military duties in 1867, the year of Mentana, forced
him to resign. His final word was that he would be
with his brothers always, and he was.

  In November 1880 at Milan he spoke to a delegation
of Masons at the Mentana monument dedication: (7)

  “Wherever there is a human cause we are certain         Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Incorporated, 1987.
to find masonry, for it is the fundamental base of all    Leti, G.: the New Age, February, 1933.
truly liberal associations. Thank all of my brothers      McKnight, John : The Papacy: A New Appraisal,
and tell them that I am always with them, with all my     Rinehart, (New York,1952).
heart, and that I will pride myself upon my Masonic       New Catholic Encyclopedia: McGraw-Hill Book
connection.”                                              Company, 1967.

  Crippled by rheumatism and his many wounds              New Encyclopedia Brittanica: 15th edition, 1989.
Garibaldi spent his declining years on his lonely         Pike, Albert: Liturgy of the Ancient and Accepted
island farm on Caprera, writing novels, verse, and        Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, W.F. Roberts Company, Inc.
making occasional pronouncements upbraiding the           (Washington, D.C., 1936).
government. His life was one of austerity and he was
saved from destitution by delegations and friends                                               References
from abroad. On June 2, 1882 Brother Garibaldi was        1. New Encyclopedia Brittanica, vol. V, pp. 123-125.
raised in glory in the Celestial Lodge on High. Thus      2. Colliers Encyclopedia, vol. 10, p. 579.
passed the Lion of Caprera; humanity was his country      3. Arribavene, Count Charles, vol. II pp. 299-300.
and all men were his brothers.                            4. Mcknight, p. 205.
                                                          5. Denslow, vol. II, E-J, p. 6.
                             L’envoi                      6. Leti, pp. 90-91.
  The memories of its great and good men are the          7. Ibid., p. 92.
noblest treasures of a nation, standing like mountain-    8. Pike, p. 197.
tops above the deluge, high above the dark wintry
ocean of the past, to invite us to leave our names and    iGmuaisgseeipspien Gthaeripbuabldliic pdhoomtoa.inT.hImis aUgeniatbedovSetUatSes-PCDo.ngress
memories as worthy legacies to our country. (8)

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