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Montana Freemason  February 2013                        Volume 86 Number 1

 Denny Rehberg (October 5, 1955) He attended            Renewal Commission working across party lines to
                                                        solve the Montana public schools' funding problems.
Billings West High School and Montana State             Ohs was best known for his role in peacefully ending
University before transferring to Washington            the Montana Freeman standoff near Jordan, Montana.
State University where he earned his BA in public       Ohs served as principal negotiator. His involvement
administration. In 1977 he began working as an intern   earned him the 1998 Louis E. Peters Memorial
in the Montana State Senate, and two years later he     Service Award given by the FBI for public service.
joined the Washington, D.C. staff of Montana U.S.        His efforts also served as a model for FBI handling
Congressman Ron Marlenee as a legislative assistant.    of similar situations. Following his four-year tenure
In 1982, Rehberg returned to farming, until running     as Lieutenant Governor, Ohs was elected chairman of
for the State House in 1984. Rehberg was elected        the Montana Republican Party in 2005. Ohs died at
then to the Montana State House of Representatives      his home in Helena, Montana, aged 61. The Montana
from 1985 to 1991, where he served three terms in       Law Enforcement Academy has dedicated a building
the legislature. He served as the Lieutenant Governor   to the late former Montana Lt. Gov. Karl Ohs.
of Montana from 1991 to 1997. From 1996 to 2001,
Rehberg managed the Rehberg Ranch near Billings.          Brother Ohs was a member of Mount Jefferson
He was elected a U.S. Representative for Montana        Lodge No. 56, EA degree on 5/8/1974, FC degree on
from 2001 to 2013. Rehberg was the Republican           5/8/1974, MM Degree on 10/9/1974, WM in 1990, he
nominee for the United States Senate in in 1996 and     affiliated dual with Virginia City No. 1 in 1997.
2012 .
  Brother Rehberg is a member Ashlar Lodge No. 29,
EA degree on 3/10/1978, FC degree on 4/14/1978,               Images used in this article are in the public domain, source Montana
MM degree on 5/12/1978.                                       Historical Society and or the from the archives of the Grand Lodge of
Karl Ohs (November 18, 1946 – November 25,

2007) born in Malta, Montana he was a rancher and
farmer before entering politics. He attended Montana
State College (Montana State University). Ohs left his
studies in agricultural economics at Montana State
University to help the family move to a new ranch in
Pony, Montana. Ohs political involvement was sparked
when he attended Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid conference
1986. In 1988, Ohs’ and nine other Montana ranchers
and farmers formed MAGPI, Montana Agricultural
Producers, Inc. Ohs served in the Montana House of
Representatives in 1995, 1997, and 1999. During the
1997 and 1999 sessions, he served as Majority Whip.
During his time in the Montana State Legislature,
Ohs sponsored the legislation that resulted in the
purchase, by the state, of the Bovey properties in
Virginia City and Nevada City, keeping the history
and artifacts accessible to future generations. While
serving as Lieutenant Governor, Karl returned to
MSU and completed his Bachelor of Science degree
in agricultural business in 2004. Ohs was an active
member of the administration, serving as chairman of
the Governor's Drought Advisory Committee during
drought years and chairing the K-12 Public School

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