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Montana Freemason  February 2013                           Volume 86 Number 1

 Frank Higgins (December 28, 1864 – October 15,             William Wallace McDowell (January 22, 1867

1905), born at Hell Gate, MT. He attended the public       – April 9, 1934). Served as Lieutenant Governor of
schools of Missoula and graduated in 1881 from the         Montana 1913-1921. On January 15, 1934 he was
military school in Faribault, Minnesota. He attended       appointed as the "Envoy Extraordinary and Minister
Phillips Exeter Academy at Exeter, New Hampshire.          Plenipotentiary" of the United States to the Irish Free
Higgins subsequently enrolled at the University of         State. He presented his credentials in Dublin on 27
Michigan where he studied law and played college           March 1934. However, he died in his post on 9 April
football as a forward for the undefeated 1885 Michigan     1934, less than a month after he formally took up his
Wolverines football team. He was the first native          post.
born person from Montana to become a member
of the state's bar and of the state's legislature. In the    Brother McDowell was a member Silver Bow No.
late 1880s, he gave up the practice of law to become       48, EA 11/28/1904, FC 12/19/1904, MM Degree
president of the Higgins Bank in Missoula. He served       4/13/1905.
in the Montana House of Representatives. Higgins is
credited with the decision to locate the University of      Nelson Story, Jr (1880 -1932), an alternate
Montana at Missoula, having introduced the bill into
the state legislature providing for the establishment of   delegate to the Republican National Convention for
a state university in Missoula. During the Spanish–        Montana in 1904. He served as Mayor of Bozeman
American War, Higgins served two years as a captain        1905-1907, and as Lieutenant Governor 1921-1925.
in Company F of the United States Volunteer. He            He was buried at Sunset Cemetery in Bozeman.
was elected as the mayor of Missoula in May 1892
and served a one-year term in that office. He was              Brother Story was a member Bozeman No. 18, FC
the fourth Lieutenant Governor of Montana from             on 3/5/1908, MM on 3/19/1908.
1901 to 1905. Higgins died in October 1905 from
complications of diseases contracted while serving in       Frank A. Hazelbaker (January 15, 1878 –
the Spanish–American War.
                                                           July 6, 1939), born at Mound City, KS. He served as
  Brother Higgins affiliated Missoula Lodge No. 13 on        Lieutenant Governor 1929-1933.
June 13, 1891. NPD 12/21/1897.
                                                             Brother Hazelbaker was a member Wisdom No.
 Edwin L. Norris, Lieutenant Governor of                   61, EA on 11/11/1905, FC on 12/26/1905 & MM -
Montana from 1905 to 1908. On April 1, 1908,
Governor Joseph K. Toole resigned from office, and            Thomas Kane (August 23, 1878 - March 20, 1939),
Norris, who was the Lieutenant Governor at the
time, assumed the duties of the governorship. (See         Born in Kingston, Ontario. Served as Lieutenant
Governor Norris.)                                          Governor in 1933.

                                                             Brother Kane was a member Corvallis Lodge No.
                                                           39. EA degree on 11/14/1903, FC on 11/28/1903 and
                                                           MM on Degree 12/16/1903. Served as WM 1908,
                                                           1909 and 1924, Secretary 1904-1905.

 William R. Allen (July 25, 1871 - October 31,              Ernest T. Eaton (September 11, 1877 - August

1953) born at French Gulch, MT. Education in Deer          19. 1957), born at Atkinson, ME. Eaton was a School
Lodge County School, and attended the Helena               Administrator. In 1908 he founded the Billings
Business College. Allen was elected to the legislature     Polytechnic Institute; (now Rocky Mountain College)
from 1902 until 1908 when he was elected lieutenant        and served as president in 1931. He was a member
governor, serving in this office under Governor Edwin        of Montana state house of representatives, 1915-19,
L. Norris until 1913.                                      1923-25, and a member of Montana state senate, 1925-
                                                           33. He served as Lieutenant Governor of Montana,
  Brother Allen was a member of Acacia Lodge No.           1935 and again in 1941-1949.
33, EA on 5/18/1900, FC on 11/30/1900 and MM
degree on 4/19/1901.                                         Brother Eaton was a member Ashlar No. 29. EA
                                                           degree on 9/14/1926, FC on 10/5/1928, MM on
                                                           Degree 2/8/1929.

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