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For This And Succeeding Generations  Gardiner v


    This is an edited version of an original manuscript “Cornelius
Hedges Uncommon Hero of the Common Life” provided by Brother
Thomas E. White to the Grand Lodge of Montana.

    Among the primary tools used were the voluminous journals
kept by Most Worshipful Brother Cornelius Hedges. The edited
version includes corrections and additions to text and incorporates
photos and associated graphics. The general subject is of interest
to the Masons of Montana and the need to make this available is
a testimony to the value of the manuscript as it was meant to be
read and studied! Beyond the subject matter, this work contains a
fabulous and scholarly history of Freemasonry in Montana and the
development of Montana into a State; now profusely populated with

    The intent behind this project was to preserve the manuscript
and intent of Thomas E. White and, provide a great Masonic history
book. The book has been scanned, edited and copyrighted by the
Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. of Montana by Reid L. Gardiner, Grand
Secretary, with the intent that it can be available in book form and
or used for on-screen reading enjoyment. Certainly, it serves as an
electronic research treasure.

The electronic release of this book was coordinated with the
sesquicentennial of the Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons of Montana.
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