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For This And Succeeding Generations  Gardiner 10

                                     Figure 3. Edna L. Hedges.

    “He was a man of infinite tenderness and remarkable sentiment
for these days. He couldn’t have amassed a fortune if he had lived a
thousand years …”24

    He much preferred his law practice to the publishing of the
Independent Civilian25, or other necessary sideline work to provide
for his family.”26 His enthusiasm for the legal profession is exhibited
in his journal entry:

   “Had a trial of Jacob Charouse for obtaining money under false
   pretenses - Great sport, two attorneys on a side got $4.00 for
   the aid society and 3.00 in costs.”27
    He preferred editorial writing to the details and drudgery of
printing and distributing the newspaper. Thus he attempted to lease
the paper to Warren and Alyson Barnhart on contract.28 But be
finally had to hire them simply as employees.29 His reluctance and
apprehension was largely due to the fact that it ran him constantly
“into debt.”30 However, by summer and fall, his job printing increased
sufficiently to make the operation profitable.31
    In his true form of extreme self-criticism, in 1863 Hedges was
lamenting partial failure at the time of the Tenth Reunion of his Yale

       “Today and tonight is our class meeting at Yale College - It
   has made me feel bad to think that I have not succeeded better
   in life, so that I could return with credit.”32
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