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For This And Succeeding Generations  Gardiner 8

    On July 17, 1856, he and Edna Layette Smith were married
at Southington; Connecticut.14 Edna’s endeavors to improve the
condition of society around here were certainly complementary to
similar activities of her husband.

 Mertie M. Brattin, in 1941, wrote this of Enda and of her life.
    “Edna L. Hedges was a most remarkable woman. She was

equally devoted to her family, her church, and her chapter of Eastern
Star. She was dignified, yet most courteous and considerate. Her
womanly virtues were early engrafted upon the Order of Eastern
Star in Montana, and to that is due fact that Grand Chapter sessions
have ever been remarkable for their harmony and good feeling. She
was Very Worthy Grand Chaplain of General Grand Chapter at the
triennial of 1892 to 1895, and Right Worthy Grand Conductress the
succeeding triennial. She survived Judge Hedges five years, died in
1912, and was active in Eastern Star work to the end.”15

    To complete this biography, Mrs. Hedges was instrumental in
organizing the Grand Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star for
Montana in Livingston on September 25, l890, and was elected its
first Worthy Grand Matron.16 Her reception at her home in Helena
held for the ladies accompanying the members of the 35th Annual
Grand Lodge of Montana Masons, on September 2l, l899, is an
excellent example of her graciousness.17
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