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vi The Cornelius Hedges Story


    This book is a based in part upon the manuscript that Brother
Thomas E. White provided to the Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. of
Montana, and is an edited version of that original manuscript.
First and foremost our thanks to Mr. Thomas Edward White, who
complied much of the material in 1966 under the title of Cornelius
Hedges Uncommon Hero Of the Common Life. And to the journals
and other writings of Cornelius Hedges were also used as well as a
significant number of letters to and from Judge Hedges held by the
Montana Masonic Foundation. To the Montana Historical Society;
the Grand Lodge of Montana; Montana Masonic Foundation; Mrs.
Paul Brazier and Sheila Lopach of Helena for their help concerning
her Grandfather’s Journals and private papers and artifacts. The
National Park Service for preserving the nation’s natural and historical
heritage. The same National Park idea and philosophy which had its
origins with Cornelius Hedges in 1870. The availability and use of
material in the public domain and through fair use is acknowledged.
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