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Montana Freemason                             August 2015  Volume 91 Number 2


R- - : An amendment to Section of the Code of Statutes to codify the Masonic                    FAILED
districts of the Grand Lodge of Montana.

R- - : A resolution to add a new section to the Constitution, which would prohibit              PASSED
consideration of legislation with contents of a similar nature on the same subject
matter that has been considered and rejected at two previous consecutive Annual                 Holdover to 150th
Communications until two intervening Annual Communications have been held since
the last rejection.

R- - A: A Constitutional amendment for sections , , and to provide                              WITHDRAWN
clarification for the composition of the grand lodge elected (progressive line), and
appointed grand officers establishing a pool from which qualified master masons will
be chosen for selection as an appointed grand lodge officer.

R- - B: A Proposed amendments to the Code of Statutes, article II – powers and                  WITHDRAWN
duties of elected officers and Article III – duties of appointed officers, to remove conflicts
and inconsistencies between the constitution and the code of statutes that would be
created in the event resolution R- - a is approved.

R- - : Adding a new section to the Code of Statutes to create a Grand Master’s                  PASSED
Lodge, a new classification of constituent lodge which will be a holding lodge for Masons
who are members of a lodge at the time of the surrender or revocation of its charter; the
resolution also seeks to add duties as ex-officio officers of the Grand Master’s Lodge to
Code Sections , , and .

R- - : A resolution amending Section          of the Code of Statutes, clarifying
the limitations on the total number of candidates per meeting, while not changing the           PASSED
current restrictions on the number of candidates per section at a time when conferring

R- - : A Constitutional amendment to Sections , , , and , granting                              WITHDRAWN
membership in grand lodge to Master Masons in good standing in a constituent lodge
in Montana who have made suitable proficiency in all three degrees, and granting them
all the powers and privileges of membership.

R- - : An amendment to Code of Statutes section , changing the way masons WITHDRAWN
of Montana support the George Washington Masonic Memorial.

Motion to sell and close the Montana Masonic Home and conduct an Audit.                         FAILED
R- - : Directing the Board of Trustees of the Masonic Home of Montana to prepare
an exit strategy for the closure of the Masonic Home, include what assets should be sold,       The Report of the
or kept, and what should be kept, and how to properly shut down the Masonic Home.               Special Committee
Create a special committee to find a means to utilize the remaining assets and funds,           was Accepted.
and the proceeds from the sale of the Home’s real property, to provide charity to our
needy brothers and family members. See Committee Reports in the Proceedings when

R- - : A Resolution to select a study commission that would Study Possible
methods and procedures for vetting and selecting prospective candidates for election
to the offices of the Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary. NOTE: The assigned Study             REJECTED
Commission, re-purposed R- - to the following - To change the election process
for the office of Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary to allow electioneering and divide
duties so that the elected positions are non-functional and non-salaried; and the
employees are functional salaried positions.
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