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Montana Freemason  August 2015                         Volume 91 Number 2

Greetings from the Grand East                          door. Listen for the three knocks. ere are those
                                                       seeking our signs; their open hand grasping for a
       Brian J. Murphy, Grand Master                   token; ears awaiting to receive the Word.

                                                        Brother Churchill aptly spieled:
                                                       “Withhold	no	sacrifi	ce.	Grudge	no	toil.	
                                                       Fear	no	foe.	Seek	no	sordid	gain.	
                                                       All	will	be	well.	
                                                       Know	what	you	are	and	be	purposeful	in	life.”	

   Beyond the wagging tail of solstice last, our          Brothers, you are responsible for your Lodge
Grand Session seems but a fortnight gone.              and the quality each member experiences.
Fleeting, halcyon days of summer leave us              And the certainty of my faith is this: If you
wanting; a longing drawn from childhood when           don’t squander your God-given talents or the
each day’s adventure was as a summer, and the          opportunities granted; if you seek to lay hold of
entirety of it seemed without end. Now July            divine things and search for majestic meanings, if
hastens August, hurriedly beckoning September          you dispense one man’s portion of kindness and
who, in turn, nally surrenders any remaining           decency to every soul you meet, then all will be
dignity resembling summertime. We are                  right. If you simply do your part, our fraternity
familiar with the sequence. As lovers                  won’t fade, but rather ourish. What paralyzes
of nature and science, we understand                   us is taking on the responsibility of trying to
the process, for it is not foreign. Beach              remake the whole world. Such a dream is worthy
balls mutate into footballs; yellow                    but quite impossible. But, we can keep the ame
buses replace inner tubes, home runs                   alive. We can keep stoking the fraternal res of
become homerooms, and shing                            Brotherly Love. at’s all we’re really obliged to
poles contort into leaf rakes.                         do.

      e earth curtseys politely as the sun bows                         ere is a thread, so as night, and
reverently to it’s dance planet. An anxious harvest    bright as sunlight, reaching back through all
moon watches on patiently. Time’s tide ebbs            places and all events that must be forti ed, or
inevitably back out to sea, carrying with it all       we lose sight of ourselves and our Brothers.
memory of hammocks and golf clubs, of ball bats        Masonry is a beautiful spider, spinning that
and lemonade, of carnivals and lawn mowers, of         thread inside the hearts of it’s devotees. Our
redolent breezes and poolside laughter. In kind,       society prevails; passionately a ame. Speci cally
Masonic lodge rooms usurp backyard patios.             ours; enduring all futility except lethargy and
                                                       indi erence. Freemasonry is oxygen. It sustains
   Another season has turned, my friends. e            us on our journey, guiding us, that we may arrive
sabbatical is over. It’s time to wake from vacation’s  to contribute to the feast, and be entitled to
drowsy slumber to return to the quarries of our        the wages for which we have wrought. It o ers
Cra . If we are to receive our wages, then we          time; time to discern and contemplate the outer
must work. Be joyous; for our return renews our        workings of man, and the intricacies of the soul
understanding of who we are and our purpose            within. Time to imagine a better version of
for gathering. Like gravity, fraternal camaraderie     ourselves, society, and humanity.
tugs our cable tow and pulls us back inward.
Reassemble now, is the call. Rekindle tapers.            Labor earnestly brothers; with joyous hearts.
Dust o the gavel and your disposition. Eagerly           It is time.
embrace the new term with vigor and fortitude,
knowing good work is always the best reward.                              Brian Murphy, Grand Master
Make this day Freemasonry’s nest. A necessary

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