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Montana Freemason                 August 2015                                 Volume 91 Number 2

                  “Fritz”	Weed                           Richard	Tucker

Shawn Ratchford (3) visiting with Bro. Frederick         Patrick Hodgkiss (3) on a visit to Richard Tucker
“Fritz” Weed (3), who turns 100 in a couple of           (3). Bro. Rick shared stories of his time in the Army
months. Fritz said “I’m damn glad you guys came by.      Air Force and Marines (speci cally jump school and
It’s hard because I can’t remember who I meet but        landing on a slick log) and more importantly, great
I’d like to make it to lodge.” He still regrets selling  childhood stories. And now I know why he didn’t
his Buick because as he said, “At least I could sneak    become a minister like every other man in his family!
out!” Paul Martello spent many a night with Fritz at
the Shrine Red Room.

                               Everett	“Dr.	Jazz”	Lynn	,	Helena	No.	3

Everett L. Lynn was a dentist by profession and a clarinetist by passion. But it’s been music he’s pursued since
he was 6 years old, rst playing the piano at his mother’s insistence and then the clarinet by happenstance.

   ursday nights in the summer, you can see Lynn, at age 91, playing as principal clarinetist for the State
Capital Band. “ is is my 66th season,” he said of the State Capital Band. Lynn played with the Last Chance

                                                               Dixieland Band for more than 25 years, the Dick Merley
                                                               German band, the Elks clown band, his high school
                                                               band in Redwood Falls, Minnesota, a swing band in the
                                                               Navy, Red Stiletto, Queen City Swing Band and more.
                                                               W. Bro. Everett was inducted into the Montana Masonic
                                                               Hall of Fame at the 149th Annual Communication of the
                                                               Grand Lodge of Montana in June.

 Thom Bridge, Independent Record
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