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The Boone Art Legacy

         Reid Gardiner (3)

I rst met Brother Spencer at the Conference of Grand
Masters of North America in 2010. I was visiting with
some brothers at one of the banquets. During the course of
the evening and talking with the brothers at the table our
Montana Masonic Museum became a topic of conversation.
R.W. Brother omas Spencer of the American Canadian
Grand Lodge casually mentioned that he was looking
for a home for some paintings by his Uncle who was
a Montana Mason. He identi ed the artist as Elmer L.
Boone who served as Worshipful Master of Valley Lodge
No. 21 in 1920. Elmer Boone was a Great Great Great
Grand Nephew of Brother Daniel Boone. As a result of our
conversation Brother Spencer made a gi to the Montana
Masonic Foundation for our Museum presented at the
144th Annual Communication in Missoula.

is year at the 149th Session omas Spencer, R.W. Jr.
Grand Warden (Hon) returned and presented another
painting to the Bill Langford, WM of Valley #21 to be
displayed in the Lodge. “ e Master of Valley #21 was very
helpful in discussing my Uncle’s old Lodge, and as you
know, I presented him a plaque for Valley Lodge, which
contained one of my Uncle’s pieces of art work, as well as Brother Tom was very impressed with his visit
his portrait at about the time he was Master.”                to our museum and library. “I am amazed at
                                                              the work you accomplish with such a small
We appreciate the gi s from Brother Spencer and thank
him for his concern for our library and museum and for        staff. But, I also realize there is much to
sharing the artwork.                                          be accomplished in bringing the Library

                                                              holdings into the digital world. In that vein, I
                                                              am inclosing a personal check for $1000.00 to
Bro. Spencer came to Helena prior to Session and visited the  assist your Library and Museum in digitizing
museum and library, and to visit the old family stomping
grounds up in Choteau.                                        the many important photos and papers you

Page 28                                                       Elmer L. Boone was born in Joplin, Missouri in
                                                              1883. He was known primarily as a southwestern
                                                              landscape painter, mostly in Texas, Arizona and
                                                              Mexico. He studied at the Smith School of Art
                                                              and the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois. He also
                                                              painted with Charles M. Russell in Montana. He
                                                              also painted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and later
                                                              moved to El Paso in 1927 due to poor health.
                                                              He was a member of the Far Southwest Artists
                                                              Association and the El Paso Artists Association. He
                                                              died in El Paso, Texas in 1952 a er a painting trip
                                                              to Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona. He was
                                                              buried in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
                                                              Collections that include the work of Elmer Boone
                                                              are the: Montana Historical Society, Torch Energy
                                                              Advisors in Texas, Charles M. Russell Gallery, El
                                                              Paso Museum of Art, El Paso Centennial Museum,
                                                              and Waco Art Center and the Montana Masonic
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