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                    During the 2015 DeMolay International Supreme Council and
                    Congress Session, Sam Whitehead, Executive Officer of Montana
                    DeMolay was installed as W. Senior Grand Steward for DeMolay

                                                              RWPDGM Don Slaybaugh receives his 50 Year Pin as a

                                                              DeMolay from Bill Sardone, RWSGC DeMolay International
                                                              and Sam Whitehead, MT Executive Officer.

Can you find Sam Whitehead, EO MT DeMolay and Dan

Massey, Deputy EO?  Hint they are bald.

                                                              E. C.. Day Chapter) performing the Arch of Steel for Laura
                                                              Bruces installation as Honored Queen of Bethel # 9, Jobs

Montana DeMolay, Job’s Daughters and Rainbow Girls            Help Wanted - the message from Justin Johnson, SMC
were well represented in the parade for the East West Shrine  and Zach Clausen, DSMC during the 149th Grand
Game.                                                         Lodge Communication.

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