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Montana Freemason  August 2015                              Volume 91 Number 2

W.	Brother	Dale	Haven,	Butte	No.	22 RWPDGM	Don	Slaybaugh,	Whitefi	sh	No.	64

    Courtesy o5f0tYheeaGr rParnedseLnotadtgioenof Virginia   During the 149th Annual Communication
 On April 30, 2015, Brother Dale Haven of Butte             MWGM Don Cerovski and RWDGM Brian
Lodge No. 22 received his Montana 50 Year member            Murphy had the pleasure to present the Montana
pin and certi cate from Robert E Wilson, DDGM               50 Year Member Award to RWPDGM Don
of the 39th Masonic District, Commonwealth                  Slayabugh of White sh Lodge No. 64. RW Brother
of Virginia. Brother Haven traveled extensively             Slaybaugh was raised to the Sublime Degree of a
and moved o en during his working years.                    Master Mason May 11, 1965. Besides serving as
Arrangements were made to present him the 50                an o cer in the Lodge, Brother Don has served as
Year award at a meeting in Ridgeway. W. Brother             Grand Historian and Deputy Grand Master.
Bert Bowles of Rocky Mount No. 201, Bro. Wes
Wells of Rocky Mount No. 201 & Piedmont No.
152 and Robert Wilson DDGM had lunch with
and present the 50 Year Award to W. Bro. Haven.

W.	Brother	Gary	Ryti,	Helena	No.	3                             e Grand Master of Masons in Montana, Brian
                                                            Murphy Grand Master, with Helena #3 Bro. Gary
                                                            Ryti, in Bozeman. Gary used to live in Terry,
                                                            and ran the bank there. His wife Myrna’s father
                                                            helped set up Terry lodge. Bro. Brian presented
                                                            his 50 year award and it was a great visit.

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