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Montana Freemason                     August 2013                            Volume 87 Number 3

Resolution No. R-2013-04: A Constitutional amendment, amending Section 510 in order to elect the Grand
Master, reversing legislation proposed in 2005 and passed in 2006.

Resolution No. R-2013-05: An amendment to Section 23090 of the Code of Statutes to expand the definition
that electioneering is prohibited.

Resolution No. R-2013-06: A Constitutional Amendment Adding Section 351 to Article III- powers and
Restrictions and Amending Article IV - Communications, Sections 420. Granting Chartered Lodges the power
of petition for a Special Session of Grand Lodge.

Resolution R-2013-07: A Code of Statutes Amendment Part III Trials/Restorations, Article 1- Trial of Grand
Master. Removing Sections 43010, 43020, 43030, 43040, 43050 and 43060.

Resolution R-2013-08: An amendment to Section 6030 of the Code of Statues to add a fee of $1.00 per
member, per year to be paid to the George Washington Masonic Memorial

Resolution R-2013-09: An amendment to Section 5020. A, adding a new standing committee, and adding a
new Section 5060 Employee Handbook Committee, and allowing for review and ratification by the craft.


Resolution R-2013-10: A Constitutional Amendment to Article II, Section 230 and 450, and amending Article
VI - Voting and Representation, Sections 620 and 640. Allowing all Masters Masons in the Jurisdiction to vote
at Grand Lodge.

Resolution R-2013–11: A Constitutional Amendment adding Section 351 to Article III - Powers and
Restrictions. Allowing Lodges to issue Reprimands.

Resolution R-2013-12: An amendment to Section 43030 removing the section in its entirety and adding a new
Section 43031, changing the formation, composition and power of a Tribunal.

Resolution R-2013-13: An amendment to Section 10040 LEWIS JEWEL, changing the requirements of the
award and expanding who can wear it.

CJ-2013-01: A recommendation by the Committee on Jurisprudence to amend Section 4020 B. 1. b. to limit
the duties of the Committee on Examination and Nomination of Masonic Home Trustees to presenting names
of nominees for the male Home Trustees only. (Note: companion legislation to Resolution No. R-2013-01.)
Note: R-2012-01 was amended to use the language of this resolution removing the need for it.


C-2013-02: A recommendation by the Committee on Jurisprudence to amend Section 23090 of the Code
of Statutes to permit electioneering for the offices of Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary to correspond to
an amendment proposed to Section 510 of the Constitution. (Note: companion legislation to Resolution No.
R-2013-03.) Note: R-2013-03 Failed, therefore CJ-2013 was not needed.

                                    MOTION FROM THE FLOOR
A motion to grant Right Worshipful Past Deputy Grand Master Thomas M. Duffy all rights and privileges and
the title of Past Grand Master.

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