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Montana Freemason  August 2013                              Volume 87 Number 3

the lessons contained therein, are the base building        Factual research should be based on their true origins
block upon which his Masonic life can be built. The         and meanings, not on loosely held opinions. A noted
new Mason needs mentors.                                    Masonic author recently shared with me that perhaps
Consider that the first task a new Masons is faced          the Masonic researcher should take heed of the words
with is to form his own concepts of the parameters of       of Plato when he wrote “opinion is the lowest form of
the Masonic ritual and how they may apply to him.           knowledge.”
It would seem reasonable that by developing a sense         As mentors guiding the new Mason in his quest for
of his personal path of improvement he will be able         light, we must show the new Mason that we indeed
to decide what his weakness and faults are. Then he         meet up on the level, act by the plumb and always
can use the ritual, examining the principals and tenets     deal upon the square. A Mason should be assured
within it, to improve and strengthen his character.         his questions are welcome, his concerns safe in the
This investigation should inspire the Mason to look         depository of a faithful breast. We have to show him
for the origins of the symbols, principals and tenets       that he has joined a fraternity of men who are lifetime
contained within the ritual. The new Mason needs            mentors to each other.
help in recognizing and achieving these goals. He           As mentors let us reiterate that Masonry is a way
needs a mentor in his quest for Light.                      of life; that no Mason should be left behind; that
Mentors should offer to the newly raised brothers that      Masonry is building tomorrow’s leaders today; and
we are a fraternity of charitable men, not a charitable     that Freemasonry is a lifelong commitment wherein
fraternity. We are consciously seeking to establish a       a man can build a boundary of conduct for himself
way of life that promotes brotherly love and truth. The     beyond which he will not let his passions, prejudices
fraternity binds like-minded men together regardless        or interests betray him.
of religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational
backgrounds. Masonry makes good men better men                                        
by providing men the opportunity and tools to use
in improving themselves as an individual, thereby
becoming a better husband, father, neighbor, friend,
leader of men and to find a way for service to their
deity, community and country.

While many Masons today seek further light in
Masonry by expounding upon the ritual of the
Fraternity (the corner stone of Freemasonry) through
research of the vast library of Masonic writings
available, one should be ever cautious to recognize
that every author wrote his work to express his opinion
upon the subject at hand. The mentor should point
out that it is the author’s intent to convince the reader
that his book is,in the end, the final determination on
the subject. Indeed these authors may in turn have
researched their work by digesting the opinions of a
few or many authors before they formed their own
strategy. The Researcher should realize that all other
written works are an attempt by the author to explain
the minutest details of the ritual, the ritual in part, or
as a whole.

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