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Montana Freemason                         August 2013                                         Volume 87 Number 3


4                  LwehtoTahreerliefeBtiemLeimghent.toWrsethoaevaecthoosthhoewr. members that they joined a fraternity of men
160                Saudompmtedarayt Aonf n1u4a7ltChoAmnmnuunailcaCtioomn.munication. Legislative and other action
11                 Montana DeMolay. News and activity with Montana DeMolay.
                   OrenfleecotifntghleigMhtausptoenrsthReeBspreotnhrseibnialistwieesl.l  The  Master has the responsibility of
222482             and Statutory duties.                                                 and  discharging his Constitutional

33327809           Gchaalpattear  LenoddegdeinNMo.ayof.  The   Lodge Charter was surrendered     in . The    final
                                                            o  with the retrieved several boxes  and cases of    records,
                   Lodge paraphernalia and furniture. The building and property have been sold.

                   Rree--dDedeidciactaettihoencoofuRnotysecbouudrtChoouusnetiynCFooursryththo.use. The ceremony to

                   Revolutionary Words (Part I), The Square of Virtue. Was mere
                   membership in Freemasonry the fountain of the American Revolution?

                   Historic Revolutionary Drum. Resting quietly in the Montana Masonic
                   Museum is a drum that served in the Revolutionary War and Civil War.

                   Tanhde hRoitwe wCiollrnitebr,e“mLeemgaocryiaolfizMeda?sonry. What is the legacy of Masonry

                   HtiamnedssooffHthueghWDourknmcaenn, ,1H8tuhgGhrDanudncManas.tAern. overview of the life and

                   eAacShtoorfyu.sTihnecrheestcrki,cttoiocnosnosnidaedrvoeurtrisaicntgioannsd. asking have a purpose. They keep

                   ATrnin-JuuarlisTdrii-cJtuiorinsadlicOtiuotndaol oGr rRaonadmMinasgteLros’dRgoea2m01in3g. IOnufotrdmooartiLonodogne.the 4th

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