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Revolutionary Words (Part I)

                                       The Square of Virtue

I Daniel Gardiner (3)
  was reading an article written by a Brother cannot be verified. Only 28 to 33 have been proved
  in North Carolina recently, and it got me to to be Masons. Insofar as Washington’s own Masonic
thinking - which is a good thing. Bro. Ernie Jackson membership is examined, it is true that he valued the
wrote, “The restrictions on advertising and asking for fraternity, and spoke lovingly of it on more than one
membership] have a purpose. They keep each of us occasion, but he is recorded as being present in lodge
in check, to consider our actions. Of becoming too infrequently.
proud of membership, would be a perception.”
                                                    Think about this for a moment: Freemasonry is
Very frequently I run into a statement on hardly the place that one would expect to find positive
the internet, by a Mason, that                                    statements about revolution. In
Freemasons are responsible                                        the “charge,” or address to the
for “America,” and usually that                                   candidate on duties expected of
statement is embedded in a reply                                  him, given in the First Degree
to a negative comment regarding                                   of Freemasonry, first printed in
the fraternity. I’ve often wondered                               1735, we read this: “In the state,
how these “Oh yeah? Well we                                       you are to be a quiet and peaceful
made America, so nanny nanny                                      citizen, true to your government,
boo-boo” comments come across                                     and just to your country; you are
to the two or three rational                                      not to countenance disloyalty or
people eavesdropping on these                                     rebellion, but patiently submit to
comments. It seems to me as if the                                legal authority, and conform with
writers believe that simply stating                               cheerfulness to the government of
that Freemasons instigated the                                    the country in which you live.”
Revolutionary War is somehow
self-evident, and that there can’t be                             There are statements in the
any reply that can deflate it, so it                              ritual to implore God in all our
is the final word. I would say that                               lawful undertakings. Several books
there is definitely an element of                                 printing a purported “exposure”
pride in show-stopper statements                                  of Freemasonry give an oath, or
like that.                                          obligation, which it is claimed Masons take, wherein
                                                    we agree to keep the secrets of our fellows, but with
What I would like to know is: what about the exception of murder and treason.
Freemasonry founded our country? Sure, some of the
men who forged our nation were Masons - many were   These hardly seem revolutionary. In fact, these
not. Many of them belonged to a particular church reminders to be law abiding citizens, that we are under
denomination, and we don’t claim that Quakers no obligation as Masons to shelter men for committing
“made America.” Several of the prime movers were murder or treason, regardless of our connection
from New York - we don’t credit New York with to them as Masons, and that we are to support the
“making America.” What about Freemasonry, setting government under which we live, are statements of
aside our wanting to connect ourselves with men of loyalty to the country and laws of the country under
influence, may we have contributed to the United whose protection we live. If anything, they forcefully
States of America?                                  impress upon us the prohibition against treason.

    The common statement that “all of George            We tend to think of the Founding Fathers as being
Washington’s Generals except one were Masons”       patriots now, but this view is at odds with the real day-

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