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Re-Dedication of Rosebud County Courthouse

The first corner stone ceremony in the territory                    Billy Millhollin, PGM (52)
    was presided over by MWGM Weston for the
old Masonic Temple in Helena, laid by Grand Master     John Gustave Link and Charles S. Haire left their
Weston on June 24, 1872.                               mark on Montana. They designed 18 of the 56 county
On June 7, 2013, Most Worshipful Grand Master          courthouses in Montana and many buildings across
Thom Chisholm and members of the Grand Lodge           the state and several Masonic Lodges and the Masonic
assembled at the Rosebud County Courthouse to          Home of Montana.
continue this tradition. Many local lodges were        Brother Charles S. Haire was a member and Past
represented including, Hiram No. 52, Yellowstone       Master of Helena Masonic Lodge No. 3. Some of the
No. 26 and Power River No. 135.                        work of Link and Haire includes the: Adams Hotel,
 It has been a time honored custom of the Grand        Lavina; Northern Hotel, Billings; Lavina; Algeria
Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of           Shrine Temple (now the Helena Civic Center);
Montana, upon due invitation to assemble the Craft     Bozeman Carnegie Library; Carnegie Public Library,
and, with appropriate ceremonies, dedicate and         Big Timber; Dillon City Library; Fallon County Jail,
rededicate Masonic cornerstones and buildings, such    Baker; Grandey Elementary School, Terry; Higgins
as the Rosebud County Courthouse which has served      Block, Missoula; Holy Rosary Hospital, Miles City;
the community for so many years.                       Montana Territorial and State Prison, Deer Lodge;
                                                       Parmly Billings Memorial Library; St. Leo's Catholic
                                                       Church, Lewistown.

The Rosebud County Courthouse ,1250 Main Street
is located in Forsyth. The construction of Rosebud
County Courthouse in 1914 was accomplished
through the citizens of Rosebud County, the
architects were Link and Haire with the construction
carried out by Gray’s Construction. This neoclassical
building has been describe as “imposing and
attractive” and its interior “very harmoniously and
artistically decorated.”

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