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Galata Lodge No. 106, Galata, Montana:
       Dispensation issued January 24, 1916 to operate
as Galata Lodge (U.D.), Chartered August 31, 1916 as
Galata No. 106. The Dispensation to form this lodge
was issued exactly 50 year from the date the Grand
Lodge of Montana was formed.
  In as much as Galata Lodge No. 106 failed to
comply with the direction of the voting members of
Grand Lodge as approved during the 143rd Annual
Communication of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of
Montana on June 25th, 2010; and by action of the M.W.
Grand Master on November 1, 2010, in accordance
with Section 22030, 22050 and 22070 of the Statutes
of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of Montana, this Charter
and warrant was hereby surrendered and declared to
be terminated and invalid. This effective date of the
surrender of this Charter was November 1, 2010.
  On May 13, 2013, the Grand Secretary, Reid
Gardiner, accompanied by Sam Whitehead and Dan
Gardiner went to the old Galata Lodge building and
retrieved several boxes and cases of records and lodge
paraphernalia and furniture. The building and property
have been sold.
  The photographs tell a bit of the story and history of

the Lodge and community•.

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