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One Of the Masters

  The Master of the Lodge has the responsibility of           the gods, having stolen from man his happiness, met
reflecting light upon the Brethren as well as discharging     in council to discuss where they should hide it. One
his Constitutional and Statutory duties.                      suggested that it be carried to the other side of the
                                                              earth and buried; but it was pointed out that man is a
He should emphasize the following:                            great wanderer, and that he might find the lost treasure
                                                              on the other side of the earth. Another proposed that
a. One mission of Freemasonry is the                          it be dropped into the depths of the sea; but the same
enlightenment of the individual;                              fear was expressed – that man, in his curiosity, might
b. Freemasonry presents its moral and ethical                 dive deep enough to find it even there. Finally, after a
principles to influence each individual to                    space of silence, the oldest and wisest of the gods said:
commence a search for perfection through                      “Hide it in man himself, as that is the last place he will
self-improvement;                                          	  ever think to look for it.” And so it was agreed, all
c. It is up to each of us to energize ourselves, and to       seeing at once the subtle and wise strategy. Man did
exemplify its principles so that others may look              wander over the earth, for ages, seeking in all places
to us for example and inspiration;                            high and low, far and near, before he thought to look
d. One man living a brotherly life is worth a                 within himself for the happiness he sought. At last,
                                                              slowly, dimly, he began to realize that what he sought
                                                              far off is nearer than the breath he breathes, within his
                                                              own heart. This illustrates that we can live happily if
                                                              we embrace the great truths taught by Freemasonry,
                                                              and live them.	

                                                                A Master should employ his Lodge for that purpose,
                                                              which, as much as for ceremonial purposes, it was
                                                              intended – for “expatiating on the mysteries of the
                                                              Craft”, that is - speaking and writing at length to
                                                              inform the Brethren of the principles of Freemasonry,
                                                              so they may become wiser, better and consequently

thousand lectures on brotherhood; and
e. Freemasonry is the science of and art of right
living, with the science being the discovery of
those principles that make upright, moral
conduct, and the art is living those principles in
daily life.

  In addition to attending Lodge and learning more of         			     Jack R. Levitt
the teachings of the symbols and the various meanings              PGM(CA) 1, 6 & 18
of the ceremonies, he should urge each member
to apply them to everyday living; to contact elderly
or infirm Brothers and visit with them and, when
possible, bring them to Lodge; to contact our widows
and offer assistance; and in all actions remember that
he is a representative of Freemasonry.

  The Master should attempt to make his members
not only informed, but happier. From the wise lore of
the East has been translated a parable which tells how

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