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Montana DeMolay
is alive and well in Montana!!!

   One big change Montana DeMolay has made this            I want take this opportunity to congratulate Brother
year is our annual Conclave. In the past, we have       J.D. Olsen, who is our State Chapter Dad, for being
always held this even the last weekend of July. This    elected a Deputy Member of DeMolay International at
has created low attendance as many of our boys travel   the 2013 Session in Minneapolis, MN. His dedication
in the summer. To promote higher attendance this        to DeMolay is unswerving. Thank you Brother Olsen
year, we have changed the date of Conclave to October   for all that you do.
18th and 19th. This is a 4 day weekend for all schools
around the state and will hopefully increase the           I would also like to congratulate RW Brother Reid
number of boys that will come to Conclave.              Gardiner on being elected an Honorary Legion of
                                                        Honor recipient. Legion of Honor recipients must
   This year marked the revitalization of 2 previously  have actively demonstrated outstanding leadership
closed chapters, Highland Chapter in Butte and A.D.     in some field of endeavor, whether it be a civic,
McDonald Chapter in Kalispell. Although neither         professional, fraternal or spiritual arena. Brother
chapter has a lot of boys yet, they are working very    Reid has done so much to help Montana DeMolay
hard promote DeMolay in those towns and increase        grow!!
their membership, and they are doing a fantastic job!!  From all of us in Montana DeMolay, Thank you
                                                        Brother Reid for all that you have done and will do
   On that note, I want to encourage all Master         for us!!
Masons across the state to step up and support and
assist in this great organization. DeMolay is A great      As I stated, Montana DeMolay is doing very well.
way for young men to get interested in the Masonic      We saw positive growth this year, which is amazing!!
Family and can be a great lead in to becoming a Master  I need to thank all of the Chapter Advisors around the
Mason. With DeMolay on the rise, all the chapters       state that dedicate un-told hours of their free time to
around the state need your help and support to grow.    make sure our boys grow in DeMolay and have fun
If your town does not have a DeMolay chapter, think     and learn valuable lessons while doing it. Without all
about ways you can gain interest in opening a new       of you, DeMolay would not be here today. I can’t
chapter, or reinstating an old one. This is beneficial  express enough gratitude to all of you for the amazing
to DeMolay and the Masonic Order.                       work you do for our boys!!

                                                        Thank you all for your time!!

                                                        Sam Whitehead – EO Montana DeMolay.

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