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                             Grand Masters Recommendation 2012-03

A Grand Masters recommendation to amend section 1050 E. POWERS.

Be it resolved that Section 1050. E, of the Code and Statutes be amended and adding the following:

1050. POWERS. The Grand Master may:
E. Make Masons at sight and for this purpose may summon to his assistance such Brethren as he may deem
necessary. Masons made at sight for the purpose of accelerated degrees, commonly known as Occasional
Lodges or One –Day Classes shall not be exempted from proficiency requirements as provided for
elsewhere in this Code:

Be it further resolved that Section 39070 be amended by minor wording changes in subsection A, by adding
a new subsection B, and re-lettering all following subsections:

39070. PROFICIENCIES. The following shall be required for proficiencies to advance or be eligible to be
a lodge officer.
A. Except as specified in B below, a A lodge shall advance an Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft to a

         higher degree if after he has given satisfactory evidence, by strict examination, that he is entirely
         proficient and well qualified in the degrees which he has already taken. The following examination
         must be completed as a minimum:
         1. The candidate shall express his knowledge by answering in writing the questions

                  listed in each degree contained in the following manuals;
                  a. Approaching the Portals;
                  b. Entered Apprentice; Degree Proficiency;
                  c. Fellow Craft Degree Proficiency;
         2. Memorization of the obligation for each Degree; and
         3. Completion of an examination consisting of questions and answers from the first
                  section of the lecture of each degree contained in the mnemonics as follows:
                  a. For the Entered Apprentice Degree - from line 20 on page 25 through the

                           giving of the word on line 24 of page 26;
                  b. For the Fellow Craft Degree - from line 23 on page 85 through the

                           giving of the word on line 13 of page 87;

B. An Entered Apprentice or a Fellowcraft who may be advanced as provided by Section 1050 E, or
         Section 1040 H, is not excused from the requirement to give a satisfactory proficiency. However, he
         must give satisfactory evidence, by strict examination, that he is entirely proficient and well qualified
         in these degrees within one year of receiving the degrees, or he must be suspended by his lodge,
         unless the lodge, before the expiration of the one year, shall by a vote of two-thirds of the members
         present at a stated meeting extend the time once for a definite period not exceeding one year and
         upon good cause being assigned for the delay. Any member who has been suspended for failure to
         return proficiency shall have the right to apply for reinstatement by completion of proficiency

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