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                            Grand Masters Recommendation 2012-01

A Grand Masters Recommendation to strike section 1040 C from and amend Section 37090 of the
Statutes of the Grand Lodge of AF & AM of Montana.

Be it resolved that Section 1040. C, of the Code and Statutes be amended and removing the following:

1040. DISPENSATIONS. The Grand Master may grant dispensations for;
C. Balloting for and conferring of degrees upon applicants without referring their applications to a

    committee of investigation. The lodge shall give due notice to each of its members of the meeting at
    which a ballot on any application will be taken and the purpose thereof. Application for each
    dispensation shall be by the lodge after unanimous vote; …

and be it further resolved that Section 37090 of the Code of Statutes be amended as follows:

37090. INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE. All petitioners for the degrees shall be referred to a
committee of three appointed by the Master. ,unless dispensation has been granted by the Grand Master
to receive them without reference to a committee. The Master shall not delegate. . . .

Grand Master’s Rationale:
   The right of the individual Lodge to properly investigate petitioners should not be usurped by the

Grand Master. The responsibility and duty of an investigation committee, assigned by the W.M. of a
constituent lodge, to carefully and thoroughly inquire into the character and reputation of an applicant for
the degrees or affiliation should not be something a Grand Master can waive or infringe upon.

Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
   This recommendation would remove the Grand Master’s authority under Section 1040 to grant

dispensations for a lodge to ballot on a candidate without an investigation by a committee of a constituent
lodge. This recommendation would change the code of statutes and would require an affirmative vote of
two thirds of the members present to pass.

                                                               50 Year Award

                                                             Stephen D. Marsh, Rimrock No. 149, was
                                                             presented his 50 Year Award by MWGM
                                                             Will Alexander on December 28, 2011.

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