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 41040. ASSESSMENTS. A lodge may levy assessments on its members for payment of lodge indebtedness
 by majority vote if provided for in its by-laws, which is collected and the non-payment thereof enforced the
 same as dues. Assessments must be paid by all members, except that the lodge may exclude from payment
 of the assessment:
 A. Life Lodge Endowment members;
 B. Members who have received the Montana 50 year certificate and pin; and
 C. Members who do not have the ability to pay.

 be it resolved that Section 20070 be amended to read:

 J. They shall be exempt from:

          1. The contributions levied on lodges and the payment of any per capita assessment;
          2. The minimum annual dues and life lodge endowment membership charge imposed by this code;

 and Be it resolved that Section 22070 be amended to read:

 22070. PROPERTY RIGHTS. The surrender or revocation of the charter of a lodge, when declared by
 Grand Lodge, shall be conclusive upon the lodge and its members; and all its funds, jewels, furniture, dues,
 and property of every kind including its life lodge endowment membership fund, shall be transmitted, within
 three months of the surrender or revocation, to the Grand Secretary.

 Proponents Rationale:
     Re-title “Life Membership” system to “Lodge Endowment Membership” to clarify the actual function of

 this system. There are no changes to the system beyond the re-title. A “Paid Life Member” title seems to
 indicate there will be no additional membership fees or assessments due by the member when that is not the
 way this system functions. Members of this system will be classified as a Lodge Endowment Member
 (LEM). This is to establish that the member has secured an endowment for his lodge for its future.

 Submitted by Ashlar No. 29 and Butte No. 22

 Jurisprudence Committee Comments:
     This is holdover legislation from the 2011 Annual Communication which would change the designation

 of Life Membership to Lodge Endowment membership in Sections 41020, 41040, 20020, and 22070. This
 recommendation would change the code of statutes and would require an affirmative vote of two thirds of
 the members present to pass.

                                            Points Of Entrance

Perfect Entrance into the lodge and upon the covenant, penal responsibilities, and instruction. Illustrated by
the Cardinal Virtues.

                                                                                 -Coach’s Handbook, Section Four

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