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                     Tabled from 145th Annual Communication - pending disposition of R-2011-05

                                          Resolution R-2011-04

A resolution amending Section 41020 to correctly identify the name and function by changing the
term Life Membership to Lodge Endowment Membership (and 41040, 20020, 22070.

Be it resolved that Section 41020 be amended to read:

41020. LIFE LODGE ENDOWMENT MEMBERSHIP. A lodge may adopt a standing resolution
providing for a system of life lodge endowment membership which shall forever exempt a member from
the payment of dues therein. It must provide that:
A. Life Lodge Endowment membership shall be granted upon payment of a sum of money named
therein; and
B. The sum shall not be less than twelve and one-half times the annual dues, plus one year's dues, nor
not less than $360.00 and one year's dues, whichever is greater. In the event of the dissolution of a lodge
having a system of life lodge endowment membership, or if a life lodge endowment member transfers his
membership to another lodge in this jurisdiction by way of affiliation and so requests, a member's portion
of the assets of its life lodge endowment membership fund shall be credited to the lodge to which the
membership is being transferred, if that lodge has a contract with its members for life lodge endowment
membership. The original amounts paid for life lodge endowment membership shall be forever kept and
maintained as a permanent life lodge endowment membership fund under the following conditions:
A. Only interest or dividends paid in cash on bank deposits or from authorized investments in securities
shall be available for general use;
B. The funds shall be kept in a trust fund administered by Grand Lodge; and
C. Each year in January Grand Lodge shall send to each lodge their portion for each life Lodge
endowment member therein, even though the life member has died. A life lodge endowment member
suspended or expelled and thereafter restored and again elected to membership in the same lodge is also
restored as a life lodge endowment member. Each year the Secretary, shall send by first class mail to his
last known address, or deliver in person, a membership card to each life lodge endowment member in good
standing. If the card in returned by the post office for three consecutive years as unclaimed or the
addressee unknown, the Secretary shall send the card by registered mail to the last known address of the
life lodge endowment member. If such registered mail is returned by the post office, the Secretary shall:
A. Note it in the minutes;
B. Report the fact to the lodge;
C. Remove the member from the roll book of the lodge; and
D. Transmit to the Grand Secretary, with his annual report, a notice that such life lodge endowment

     member has been removed from the lodge roll and the reason therefore.
If such life lodge endowment member be found he shall be restored to the roll book of the lodge and that
fact certified to the Grand Secretary with the next annual report. Amounts may be voluntarily added to a
life lodge endowment membership at any time in amounts not less than $25.00 by the member or as a
memorial but may not be returned for any reason.

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