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                           Holdover from 145th Annual Communication

                                          Resolution R-2011-05

A resolution amending Section 360 to correctly identify the name and function by changing the term
Life Membership to Lodge Endowment Membership.

Be it resolved that Section 360 of the Constitution be amended to read:

360. REVENUE. The revenue of Grand Lodge, which can be required from constituent lodges, may be
derived only from the following sources:
A. Fees charged for dispensations, charters, certificates, diplomas, and other documents issued under its

B. Assessments levied upon lodges, which shall always be equal and uniform, in proportion to their

      membership and degrees conferred;
C. Funds, dues, and proceeds of all property of dissolved lodges in its jurisdiction; and
D. That part of the Life Lodge Endowment Membership Fund of a dissolved lodge that may be allocated

      to it.

Proponents Rationale:
   Re-title “Life Membership” system to “Lodge Endowment Membership” to clarify the actual function of

this system. There are no changes to the system beyond the re-title. A “Paid Life Member” title seems to
indicate there will be no additional membership fees or assessments due by the member when that is not the
way this system functions. Members of this system will be classified as a Lodge Endowment Member
(LEM). This is to establish that the member has secured an endowment for his lodge for its future.
Submitted by Ashlar No. 29 and Butte No. 22

Jurisprudence Committee Comments:
   This is an amendment of Constitution section 360 to change the name of the revenue source “Life

Membership” to “Lodge Endowment Membership”.
   This was previously passed by the necessary number at the prior communication of Grand Lodge and

will require an affirmative vote of three fourths of the members present to pass

The 146th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of Montana will be June 21, 22 and
23, 2012. The Session Hotel and location of all Session events will be the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The
Annual Session and all events will be on the 3rd Floor.

Hotel Reservations - Everyone attending will be responsible for making their own hotel reservations.
If you do not wish to stay at the Crowne Plaza you can call one of the other local hotels.

Crowne Plaza Hotel          Ask For Room Block: Grand Lodge of Montana

27 N 27th Street, Billings  Room Rate: $99.00 +tax

(406) 252-7400

800 588-7666

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