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                             Grand Masters Recommendation 2012-04

A Grand Masters recommendation to amend Sections 1050 V and Section 39030 C.

Be it resolved that Section 1050. V., of the Code and Statutes be amended and adding the following:

V. Waive the restrictions on the number of candidates a Lodge may confer the degrees on, provided that
each individual candidate is accompanied by an individual mentor/coach from the candidates lodge,
resulting in a 1:1 ratio of candidates to mentor/coaches present. The mentor/coach shall be appointed by the
Worshipful Master of the candidates lodge.;

39030. RESTRICTIONS ON CONFERRING DEGREES. No lodge in this jurisdiction shall confer:
A. Any degree on Sunday;
B. Any degree upon a candidate at the meeting at which he is elected to receive it;
C. More than one degree upon a candidate at any one meeting without dispensation of

      the Grand Master, and then only if accompanied by a mentor/coach as described in Section 1040 H;
D. Any of the degree work . . .

Grand Master’s Rationale:
   The Coach’s Handbook says of the candidate that, “One of the greatest privileges extended to him is that

of being taught by one man, his coach, who can best express Masonry’s man-to-man friendship and

   Similarly, the Coach’s Handbook says of the coach, “To the coach is given the great privilege and
responsibility of acting as his new brother’s counselor and friend.”

   That the reciprocal relationship of candidate, and coach, can be demonstrated by substituting one for the
other, in the place of a privilege extended, is sufficiently clear evidence that a candidate is deserving of
having his coach or mentor present when he is received into our ancient and honorable Fraternity.

Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
   This recommendation would remove the Grand Master’s powers under Section 1050 to in waiving the

restrictions on the number of candidates to receive degrees at the same time to require that each candidate
have a mentor/coach. This would be consistent with GMR 2012-02 regarding dispensations.

         This recommendation would change the code of statutes and would require an affirmative vote of
two thirds of the members present to pass.

              Covering of Lodge                                     Presentation Of Lodge Banners
                                                           Continuing with the long standing tradition,
When our ancient brethren met “on a high hill or in a   Lodges are again requested to bring their Lodge
low dale,” the “clouded canopy or starry-decked         Banner for display during the Annual Communica-
heaven” was their only covering. If the lodge is con-   tion. The Banners will be posted about the Lodge
sidered as a symbol of the world, then the “Starry-     room. Please make arrangements to ensure that your
decked heaven” is the only possible “covering of the    Lodge is represented with your banner.
lodge.” In general, it is a symbol of the universality
of Freemasonry.                                                                                                                 Page 11

                    -Coach’s Handbook, Section Four
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