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B.C. To be eligible for a lodge office a member must have given satisfactory examination that he is entirely
proficient and qualified in the Master Mason degree, as well as the preceding degrees. The following
examination for proficiency in the Master Mason degree must be completed as a minimum:

[No other changes to Section 39070 other than re-lettering the subsections.]

Grand Master’s Rationale:
   We should not create two classes of Masons: those who are bound to us and our rules, and those to

whom the rules (including the rights and privileges) do not apply. All of our candidates ought to be given
the same rights and privileges, and not held back from receiving those rights and privileges, simply because
they received their degrees with multiple individuals.

   Question 34 in the Entered Apprentice Proficiency booklet asks: “What are the rights of an Entered
Apprentice Mason?”

   Our answer includes: “The Entered Apprentice Mason has the right to be instructed and examined. If he
is proficient and worthy, he has the right to ask for advancement to the next degree.

   That man is entitled to an “apprenticeship” under a mentor or coach. The Coach’s Handbook (Section
Four of the Montana Masonic Manual) says that, “He has been accepted for further training. His coach, like
the Master Mason of old, is bound to teach him, by precept and example as well as by instruction.” Our
Apprentice has a right to be properly instructed.

Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
   This recommendation would modify the Grand Master’s powers under Section 1050 to make Masons at

sight requiring that Masons at sight meet the same proficiency requirements required of all candidates. This
appears to be a clarification of existing candidate requirements. There may be a problem with the
requirement of a proficiency before receiving the next degree. This recommendation would change the code
of statutes and would require an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present to pass.

                                     SESSION COURTESY
While you should be as comfortable as possible, remember that you are attending the Annual

Communication of Grand Lodge and to dress appropriately.

When entering or leaving the tyled Lodge room remember to salute the East. You may do so from the

door without approaching the altar.

As a courtesy to the others in attendance, please turn your cell phones and pagers to silent or vibrate. If a

cell phone goes off and causes a distraction during Session the Grand Marshal will escort the Brother from

the room.

If you need to engage in conversation, please go outside of the Lodge room.

When addressing the Grand Master or the Brothers through the East, please approach one of the

microphones and state:

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