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   Concordant Bodies at Session                       DeMolay Degree at Session

During the communications there will be         During the 149th Annual Communication you will
several bodies of our Masonic Fraternity        see a lot of our Montana DeMolay youth. They will
contributing to education and entertainment.    be taking part in the Public Opening, and you will
Thursday evening June 25, 2015 at the Grand     have the opportunity to see the DeMolay Degree
Master’s Banquet, Sapphira Temple Daughters     performed. We would like to ask all active
of the Nile Drummers will be performing         DeMolay, Senior DeMolay and Masons and
followed by the Al Bedoo Oriental Band and      visiting Grand Lodge Officers who have the
their dance troupe. On Friday June 26, 2015,    Chevalier Award or Legion of Honor to wear your
Montana DeMolay present Degree work in the      Cordon at Session if you would like to show
Grand Lodge Communications room after           support for DeMolay and also during the banquet.
lunch. The International Order of Rainbow for
Girls will conduct a presentation for the
Friday Ladies luncheon. Remember that we
are all one Masonic Family and everyone
needs our support, more especially our
Masonic youth groups as they are the future of

                                 Masonic Home Contingency
                                         Strategy Report

In accordance with GMR-2014-01, the Board of Trustees of the Masonic Home were directed by the Craft to
prepare a plan for an exit strategy for the closure of the Masonic Home within six months and to include what
assets should be sold, or kept, and what should be kept, and how to properly shut down the Masonic Home. The
Masonic Home Trustees provided a “Contingency Strategy” in December of 2014, and a revision of this
Contingency Strategy on April 20, 2015 (Revision 2). The Contingency Strategy (Rev 2) was printed in the
Advance Proceedings and in the Montana Freemason Magazine.

On May 5, 2015 a Third Revision (Rev 3) of the Masonic Home Contingency Strategy was provided. The
Advance Proceedings and the May Issue of the Montana Freemason Magazine had already been printed. The
President of the Masonic Home Corporation Board of Trustees, David Nielsen asked that Rev 3 of the Masonic
Home Contingency Strategy be made available. Accordingly, the Grand Secretary revised the “online” copy of
the Montana Freemason Magazine to include the Third Revision of the Masonic Home Contingency Strategy.

Therefore if you wish to read the Third (and final) version of the Masonic Home Contingency Strategy
developed in response to GMR-2014-01, please go to the Grand Lodge Website,
and on the right sidebar select “Montana Freemason Magazine” and under 2015 select “May”.
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