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From the Grand East

As many of you know, I am very fond of quotable quotes -      war or any other circumstance, is 1/10th of what it was in
particularly from individuals who are considerably smarter    one of those wonderful indigenous societies we hear about
than me. One of my favorite, and quite overused, is from      wthoartldli.ved in harmony with nature and at peace with the
Max Planck, the famous German physicist, who originated
quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics.
Max said:                                                     To my point: As Freemasons, we are the beneficiaries of a
                                                              vast and exceptional inheritance. We the are recipients of
“Progress isn’t made by convincing skeptics; it’s made        one of the greatest systems of instructive enlightenment
one funeral at a time.”                                       seepfvfleeercntdduieadvlliysreiitdmuaptlorso, vcceaopontuujorrienwtaonrwlddit.hinWfrleuefeainnreceedhemtioresonlt’sso ahunendaiqrtupser, oaapnneddr
Now, in my opinion, fortunately or unfortunately, this        environments worthy of their performance. As individuals,
happens to be a truism. A tremendous amount of time,          we can’t control earthquakes or asteroids. We can’t control
energy and money can easily be spent endeavoring to           Putin or ISIS. We have no control over the economy or
persuade someone to shift their opinions, or simply think     pcthhueitldwinreetaont.hoTeurhr.eWmoeonuclytahnms baaanttrdeerlyswhcwoaent tCcrooAmlNoeuscroonputetrtoos,lf laoeruterawlmohnoaeuttohwuser;
in a new way; outside the box, as it were. You can debate     who we choose to associate with and how we interact with
with an infallible argument until you’re blue in the face,    them. We are given the freedom to govern our thoughts,
stand on empirical evidence; expend and exhaust all of your   words, and deeds, our reputations and character. We have
valuable time, energy and resources -all with little effect.  odfoemaicnhioMnaosvoenricthEexcpoenrideinticoen-foofronuerwLaonddgeosldanadlikthe.e quality
Quite simply, until certain modes of thinking disappear,
paradigms can never shift.
We look around our Lodge rooms and see nothing but
empty chairs. We look at our rosters and wonder why our
retention rate is so low. We obsess over different methods    Continually expounded by a wise and sagacious Past Grand
on how to attract and engage new members. Many senior         Master is yet another truism:
Brothers are estranged by lack of decorum, protocol and
proficiency. Our concerns often overwhelm us. And for “The standard you set is the standard you get.”
good reason.
                                                              As your elected leader, it is my purpose and duty to promote
Somehow we’ve become bogged down in the quagmire of           the highest of standards, and by example, inspire others to
pining for the past; the good old days when our numbers       do the same. Everything we need to know in order to Unite
were strong and our relevance significantly defined by our    in the Grand Design as Masons is found in our Statutes, By
mere presence in our communities; a golden past when our      LCesahsweanrsg,tCieasol, dLteoeacsntuodurCensod, nadsnteditcuOistiiboolnnig-.amIttiraouknlisynbcgoenl-ibetaovitenhthEiaVnt EoouRurYrMTLHaosIdoNgneGics
coffers and halls were overflowing.

Our greatest danger, in my opinion, is not recognizing the    as Brothers and in our daily lives. For the benefit of future
many attributes and assets we currently possess and to be     generations of Masons, let us hold ourselves accountable;
grateful for them. For example, if we don’t recognize the     labor earnestly, as our forebears did, so that our endeavors
amazing and astonishing things that Western Civilization,     a1n50d yaecacrosm. plishments mirror and exceed those of the past
in particular, has achieved, we won’t understand what’s
worth striving or fighting for. We live in the most
astonishing system in the history of the world, and it’s      What we do as Masons should NEVER change. How we
our job to recognize its glories; to recognize its positive   communicate, promote and publicize ourselves should
achievements; to recognize just how far we’ve come, how       ALWAYS change. I also remind you that everyone you know
we got here, and then, in turn, pave the way for the future. a battle that you know nothing about. Be kind.
Before we resign ourselves to thinking our best days are
decades behind us, I ask you to ponder the following:
                                                              Finally, invest in yourself and your Lodge. Don’t chase
In the last 150 years we’ve doubled the human lifespan        people. Be an example. Work diligently to attract them by
-from 38.5 years to almost 80 years. That’s an increase of    the light you convey. The people that belong in your life and
over 40 years, in only 150 years. Astonishing! Through        ysceoornuvtreinLduouedsgtvoeewdryoilwlscoeolflmotrhertfhoinuedgnhyeooxuut t1ah5ni0dstyosetraayyr.s.I.T’mhicsopnhvilionscoepdhiyt whailsl
improved nutrition, sanitation and clean water, the average
person today is 4 inches taller than 100 years ago. If you
gave a Stanford Binet IQ test from 1910 to today’s average
high school student, the ones we’re being told are being Fraternally yours,
dumbed down and tossed in the shallows by Twitter and
Facebook, they would measure as marginal geniuses with
an average IQ of 135. That’s a gain of 35 IQ points in less
than 105 years. And most importantly of all, PEACE has        MWB Brian J Murphy, Grand Master

gone up by a factor of 10. Your odds and mine, of dying       If you’d like to follow your Grand Master’s exploits,
a violent death, at the hands of another human being, in a    ‘Friend’ me on Facebook.

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