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Sesquicentennial Minute

                              THE GRAND LODGE AF&AM OF MONTANA

     On the twenty-fourth (24th) day of January, Anno Domini 1866, and anno Lucis 5866, at 12 o’ clock at noon at
the Masonic Hall in Virginia City the following Lodges were found to be represented and present, as follows: Virginia
City Lodge No. 43; Montana Lodge No. 9 and Helena City Lodge No. 10.

     The Convention was called to order by Bro. John J. Hull, W. M. of the Senior Lodge; W. F. Sanders and L. C. Lee
were appointed Secretaries.

                                                         Virginia City Lodge No. 43
     John J. Hull, W. M.; Wilbur F. Sander, S. W.; L. Trapp, J. W.; and Brothers Samuel L. Wells, M. L. Strasburger,
Sol Star, Nat. J. Davis, F. C. Cornell and F. C. Deimling, Master Masons.

                                                            Montana Lodge No. 9
     Leander W. Frary, W. M.; Luther C. Lee, S. W.; Hugh Duncan, J. W.; and Brothers Henry Metz and Samuel Word,
Master Masons.

                                                         Helena City Lodge No. 10
     Cornelius Hedges, W. M.; R. P. Sealy, S. W.; C. W., J. W.; and Brothers H. M. Fee and John Potter, Master Masons.
     Brother Leander W. Frary offered for adoption the following resolution:
      Resolved, That the several Lodges of Ancient Masons in the Territory of Montana, here represented, consider it
a matter of right and for the general benefit of Masonry that they ought to form a Grand Lodge within said Territory,
and do now proceed to form and organize themselves into a Grand Lodge accordingly, to be known and distinguished
by the name of “The Grand Lodge of Montana.”
     The resolution was adopted and the Convention stood adjourned, and the officers of the three Lodges proceeded,
in due form, to open a Grand Lodge.

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