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Lodge Instructors

With lodge elections coming up in April and May remember to give thoughtful consideration to the
Lodges recommendations to be Instructor. The duties of the Lodge Instructor are outline in Code
Section 3120.

3120. INSTRUCTORS. It shall be the duty of the Instructor to:
A. Hold schools of instruction and instruct the officers of the lodges in the ritual:
B. Prepare officers of the lodge to prepare for advancement;
C. Instruct in those portions of the Constitution and Statutes of Grand Lodge which relate to the government

     of the lodge;
D. Instruct in the proper administration of the affairs of the lodge; and
E. Encourage preservation of the Ancient Landmarks.
Each Grand Master annually shall appoint and commission one Instructor in each lodge, who shall serve at his pleasure and
whose commission shall expire on the first day of the next Annual communication following his appointment. The Grand
Senior Warden or Worshipful Master elect if he is not the Senior Warden. Following the close of the annual communication,
commissions shall be signed by the Grand Master and Grand Secretary and mailed to the lodges for presentation to the
lodge Instructor. In the performance of his duties the Instructor shall be the personal representative of the Grand Master.

                            150th Annual Communication

Pre-Registration forms for the 150th Annual Communication, June 24 and 25th have been mailed
to each lodge, and is included with this bulliten.
A Special Edition of the Montana Masonic News will be mailed out. This special “Session”issue
will contain a Pre Registration Form, Agenda, proposed Legislation, and other Session related
information, thus insuring that every Master Mason will have a pre-registration form and the
opportunity be well informed as a voting delegate.
Pre-Registration Forms and Agenda are also be available on-line at the Grand Lodge website

                                Proxy Cards for Session

Proxy Cards will be mailed to the Secretary of every Lodge in the next couple of weeks for the
WM, SW and JW. Also included will be a copy of the Rules of Order for the Annual Communica-
tion. Please check with your lodge Secretary if your lodge will need to have a proxy for the WM,
SW, or JW. Proxy Cards will be required if someone other than the WM or the SW or JW are go-
ing to vote. Please remember to bring your Proxy Card with you to Session and present it to the
Credentials Committee. Replacement Proxy Cards will not be available at Session

                           Dues Cards Requried at Session

The 2016 “Blue” Dues Card (Membership Card) will be required to be presented for registration
including PLM and 50 Year members. The card design will assist with making registration at Session
faster – please remind all members to be sure to bring their Dues Card with them for Session registration.
Please note: You will not be able to acquire a replacement Dues Card at Session.

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