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        Americanism Observance                             Duties of a Master of a Lodge
      A required Lodge observance                    Representing their Lodge at the Annual

Each year, during the month of February, each                       Communication
Masonic Lodge conducts an Americanism
observance of some type. The observance is           Every year, Worshipful Masters and Wardens
intended to educate, to support, to promote and to   promise to submit to the “ancient charges and
proclaim to the members and their guests the role    regulations of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons”
of Freemasonry in American history. The              before being installed. These charges “point out the
Worshipful Master is responsible for the             duties of a Master of a Lodge,” and are deemed so
Americanism observance in his Lodge.                 important that they are read to ensure accuracy.
                                                     What do these charges mean: Here is some food for
    Montana Masonic Hall of Fame                     thought.
                                                      You promise a regular attendance on the
Hall of Fame nomination packages have been           committees and Communications of the Grand
mailed to each Lodge. Nomination must be received    Lodge on receiving proper notice and to pay
Prior to April 1st. Membership shall be by           attention to all the duties of Masonry on
nomination from constituent lodges.                  convenient occasions.

Section 10030 of the Code of Statutes states that     A Lodge is a constituent of the Grand Lodge when
Montana Master Masons who have performed             in session. In order for a lodge to be an
eminent and outstanding service to Montana           indispensable component it must be represented.
Masonry as well as having contributed to the         Thus its presence is mandatory, either personally or
growth of their community, state or the United       by proxy.
States may be elected to the Montana Masonic Hall
of Fame.                                              Additionally, our Code requires that each Lodge be
                                                     represented by the attendance of their Master and
The nomination package contains the directions for   Wardens.
content which includes a biography (typewritten of
no more than 400 words) of the nominee citing in     25050. REPRESENTATION IN GRAND LODGE. Each
particular, but not necessarily limited to, the      chartered and duly constituted lodge shall be
following;                                           represented in Grand Lodge at every non-
(A) Education;                                       ceremonial communication by one or more of its
(B) Citizenship;                                     Master and Wardens, or by an elected
(C) Character; and                                   representative. Where a Master or Warden is
(D) Reasons why nominee should receive the honor     unable to attend, the lodge Instructor shall be given
of election to the Hall of Fame. List achievements,  the preferential representation.
both Masonic and in the world without the Lodge.

Remember to give thought and effort to the
content and the appearance of the presentation of
the nomination.
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