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             Resolution Format
        And Drafting Instructions

These instructions provide the accepted protocol on formatting and styling to be used in drafting resolutions
for Grand Lodge legislation for its deliberation at annual communications. Resolutions not submitted in
accordance with these instructions will be returned to the submitting lodge for re-drafting, or reformatting by
the Jurisprudence Committee.

The formatting and drafting requirements are as follows:

1. The heading is “Resolution No.  .”(leave this blank)

2. A resolution may only contain one subject which is clearly stated in its title.

3. The title of the resolution is placed under the heading with a double spaced separation. The title must
state concisely what the resolution proposes to do. If the resolution proposes amending a section of the
Constitution or the Code, the section must be stated in the title.

4. The resolution may not contain any recitals or whereas clauses within the resolution. A detailed
argument and explanation for the resolution may be set forth on a separate page attached to the resolution,
which is entitled “Proponent’s Explanation of Resolution for [title of Resolution]. The proponent’s explanation
may not exceed one page, single spaced, with no smaller than 11 point type. It may be written in outline or
narrative form. It is recommended that the explanation briefly explain the present situation or
status quo and should explain how the proposed resolution improves or corrects the present situation. If the
explanation exceeds one page in length, additional pages beyond the first page will not be sent out to the lodges
with the resolution and will be destroyed.

5. The resolution portion must read “Be it resolved that:” Each amended section will be in a sequentially
numbered paragraph that reads: “Section of the [Constitution or Code] be amended as follows:” Each new
section will likewise be in a sequentially numbered paragraph that reads: “New Section of the [Constitution or
Code] be enacted as follows:”

6. If a section is proposed to be amended, the entire section must be included in the body of the resolution.
Additions of text to a section are shown by underline and if desired may be also in bold font or italicized. In
any case additions must be underlined. Deletions of text are shown by strikethrough. Either single or double
strikethrough may be used, though single is preferable. Be sure to use underlines for added punctuation and
strikethroughs to delete unnecessary punctuation. Also note that underlines and strikethroughs are used to
add or delete paragraph letters or numbers.

7. When a new section is proposed, even though a new number may be proposed for the section, the
Grand Secretary, as codifier, will assign a number to the section.

8. When a section is amended or a new section is proposed, check other sections in both the Code and
Constitution that be affected by the amendment or new section. These sections must be amended in the
resolution by setting forth the entire section, with additions by underline and deletions by strikethrough.
These Resolution Drafting Instructions were adopted 6 December 2003, by order of the Most Worshipful
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Montana, and are for use in
submission of resolutions at the 2015 Annual Communication. Please include both a paper copy and an
electronic copy of proposed legislation.
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