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THE LEVEL                                                                       NO. 477
                                                                                              February 2015
Grand Lodge AF&AM of Montana
425 N Park Ave                                     Proposed Legislation for the 19th Annual
Helena, MT 59601                                                   Communication

             Annual Returns                          All Proposed legislation for the 149th Annual
    Due Not Later Than March 15                      Communication, which will be held in Bozeman,
                                                     June 25, 26 & 27, 2015, must be received by the
 25070. ANNUAL RETURNS. Annually, on or              Grand Secretary no later than 27 February 2015.
 before the 15th day of March, every
 chartered lodge shall transmit to the Grand             Montana Masonic Hall of Fame
 Secretary a full and correct report of its                           Nominations
 transactions for the 12 months preceding the
 first day of January in such form as may be         Hall of Fame nomination packages have been
 provided by him. Each return shall contain:         mailed to each Lodge. Nomination must be received
 A. A list of the officers who served during the     Prior to April 1st. Membership shall be by
 year covered by the return;                         nomination from constituent lodges.
 B. A list of those initiated, passed and raised,    Section 10030 of the Code of Statutes states that
 Master Mason proficiencies, affiliated,             Montana Master Masons who have performed
 reinstated, suspended, dimitted and died            eminent and outstanding service to Montana
 during the year; and                                Masonry as well as having contributed to the
 C. Those who were awarded the Grand Lodge           growth of their community, state or the United
 50 year membership award, and those                 States may be elected to the Montana Masonic Hall
 holding such award who died during the year.        of Fame.
 The return shall not contain a list of the          The nomination package contains the directions for
 membership at the end of the year, but such         content which includes a biography (typewritten of
 shall be placed in the printed roster of            no more than 400 words) of the nominee citing in
 members provided by the Grand Secretary.            particular, but not necessarily limited to, the
 D. The return shall show the financial position     following;
 and a summary of the financial transactions         (A) Education;
 of the lodge and that the books of the lodge        (B) Citizenship;
 have been duly reviewed by a committee of           (C) Character; and
 at least three members of the Lodge                 (D) Reasons why nominee should receive the honor
 knowledgeable in accounting or financial            of election to the Hall of Fame. List achievements,
 statement review for the year covered by            both Masonic and in the world without the Lodge.
 the return and shall be attested by the             Remember to give thought and effort to the
 Master and Secretary under the seal of the          content and the appearance of the presentation of
 lodge.                                              the nomination.
 E. Any lodge failing to timely file shall pay a
 fine of $3.00 per day for each day elapsed
 after the deadline date, unless the Grand
 Master shall etend the filing time for good
 cause shown.

      Any lodge willfully failing to timely file
 shall not be allowed to sit or participate in
 Grand Lodge until it has complied.
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