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b.    Panic and hope our Lodge Instructor has an answer,   c.   If I am ineligible for election to an office because I am
      because the rest of us don’t!                             not in good standing, but I pay  my dues before  a second
      c.    Know that our Lodge Instructor would tell us that the   ballot, and then I receive a majority of the votes cast a second
      Master of the lodge has a regular vote in all matters, and that   time, I am in fact properly elected. Thanks, Brother Secretary
      in the case of a tie, he may also cast the deciding vote.   or Treasurer, for reminding me that I can pay  up  that same
      d.    Really? I mean, I’m the Master, and I don’t want that   election night even after I found out that I couldn’t accept the
      level of responsibility  –  I really do cast the deciding vote?   first time because not being in good standing made  me
      Shoot, I guess I will circle “c” and do my duty!          ineligible!

      5.    My lodge elected  me to an office the night of  our   So really, the question #6 right above this one isn’t a deal-
      elections, but  I am not in good standing. Am I  eligible to   breaker!
      accept the position? [27030]
      a.    Sure, why not? It’s not  like I have  a duty to be a   8.   Our Lodge  usually is very busy with things in our
      member of some lodge.                                     community  in  April  and  May,  and  we  forgot  to  hold  the
      b.    What does “good standing” even mean? I paid dues last   election on time in April (ok, we just didn’t meet at all), and
      year, isn’t that good enough?                             had two people show up in May, so  we had no quorum to
      c.    No one shall be eligible to office who is not in good   make any election legal. What should we do? [1040B]
      standing; “c,” final answer!                              a.    Hope that our District Officer doesn’t notice.
                                                                b.    We do nothing, and just keep going “as is, where is,”
      6.    I paid dues last year, but have not yet for this year, and   for the next 3 years until we surrender our Charter.
      our election is about to happen in April or May, and I want to   c.   At a regular  stated  meeting, we have a  majority vote
      be eligible for an office so that I can serve my lodge. I read   (and that means: with a quorum present, not two of us over
      question #5: What does “good standing” even mean? [50]    coffee at the burger barn) to request from the Grand Master a
      a.    All dues paid current, and, since in Montana we pay for   Dispensation for holding elections for officers at times other
      the ensuing year, that means that in April or May when my   than the prescribed time.
      lodge holds elections, I have to have all dues paid current by
      then in order to be eligible. Thanks for the reminder!    We could ask for permission to hold elections in March, when
      b.    I thought “good standing” meant that, since I paid last   we are  more free, or if  we somehow missed it in May, we
      year through December 31st, and since I won’t get Suspended   could request permission to do them in June; knowing, of
      NPD (Non-Payment of  Dues) this year until the December   course, that the Grand Master will verify if the lodge actually
      31st after the April or May elections, I could just slack off and   voted legally or not to hold elections later, and might turn the
      not pay dues until some time down the road. But I’m wrong,   request down to hold them earlier, for insufficient cause.
      and I should circle “a” above.
      c.    I’m still not sure when we pay dues in Montana and I   In other words, there is a back-up strategy already in place; we
      should probably read Section 41060 E, which tells me that I   do have to actually be legally meeting, though.
      will be Suspended  NPD at the end  of the current  year (on
      December 31st) if  my dues are not paid in full. So yeah, I   9.   We managed to - after all of the events above - finally
      guess I really am not in good standing and should probably   hold an election, but then we couldn’t get enough bodies to
      take care of that.                                        take all of the slots needed in order to operate as a lodge!
                                                                What should we do?
      7.    Well, I wish I had read question #6 above before the   a.
      night of elections, but, here I am, and it’s too late, elections   b.
      are now here, and I am not in “good standing” the night of the   c.
      election in April or May, and my brothers have elected me to   d.   Skip a, b, and c, the “do nothing” answers, and call
      office.                                                   someone. Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Montana office phone
                                                                number is: (406) 442-7774.
      My Treasurer stood up, walked over to me, and apologized to
      me for having to say this to me privately, but he reminded me   10.   What is the average airspeed velocity  of an unladen
      that I was indeed not eligible for election to that office,   swallow?
      because I was not in good standing. Is there anything that I   a.   An African Swallow?
      can do to become eligible to serve my lodge in an office now?  b.   Or European Swallow?
      I’m in a tight spot here. [27080]
      a.    No, I am completely out of luck, and I should just go
      b.    I should tell the Secretary that he should have sent me
      three notices instead of two, and wonder why nobody like the
      Lodge Instructor informed me that dues exist, and maybe feel
      frustrated at the Treasurer for pointing this out to me.
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