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The Level                               March 2017                                            No.   480

                     Grand Lodge AF&AM of  Montana

                Annual Lodge Elections                               151st  Annual Communication

      25020.ANNUAL ELECTION. Lodges shall hold their  Pre-Registration            forms    for   the   151st   Annual
      annual election of officers no earlier than the first regular   Communication, June 24 and 25th, will be mailed to each
      meeting in April and no later than the first regular meeting  lodge in a few weeks.
      in May. Elections held before or after the designated times  A Special Edition of the Montana  Masonic News will
      are void.                                                be mailed out and will contain a Pre-Registration Form,
                                                               Agenda, proposed Legislation, and other Session related
                                                               information, thus insuring that every Master Mason will
                  Annual Lodge Officer                         have a pre-registration form and the opportunity be well
                     Election Reports                          informed as a voting delegate. Pre-Registration Forms and
                                                               Agenda will also be available on-line at the Grand Lodge
      The annual Lodge Officer Election Reports will be mailed   website
      to the Secretary of each lodge.
      A copy of the Lodge Officer Election Report is included
      in this issue. All Lodges should have completed elections
      by the end of May and should be returned to the Grand              Proxy Cards for Session
      Lodge Office by May 30th. Remember to also send a copy
      of the Election Report to your District Officer.         Proxy  Cards will be mailed to  the Secretary  of every
                                                               Lodge in the next few weeks for the WM, SW, and JW.
                                                               Also, included will be a copy of the Rules of Order for the
             Annual Lodge Installations                        Annual Communication. Please check with your lodge
                                                               Secretary if your lodge will need to have a proxy for the
      Note:  25030.  INSTALLATION.  Lodges  shall  hold        WM, SW, or JW. Proxy Cards will be required if someone
      their annual installation of officers after the annual   other than the WM or the SW or JW are going to vote.
      communication of Grand Lodge, but no later than the first
      regular meeting in September, and hold their offices until   Please remember to bring your Proxy Card with you to
      their successors are elected and installed.              Session and present  it  to the Credentials Committee.
      Lodge Officers can be updated in ROLLS. However, entries   Replacement Proxy Cards will not be available at Session.
      for the 2017-2018 year cannot be  made until they  are

      installed. A copy of the 2017-2018 Lodge Officer Election     Dues Cards Required at  Session
      form is enclosed.
                                                               The 2017 “Red” Dues Card (Membership Card) will be

                                                               required to be presented for registration including PLM
             Proposed Legislation for the                      and 50 Year members. The card design will assist with
                        151st Session                          making registration at  Session faster–please remind all
                                                               members to be sure to bring their Dues Card with them
      The Advance Proceedings for the  151st Annual  for Session registration.
      Communication with  the proposed legislation and
      proposed budget will be transmitted to the Secretary of  Please note: You will not be able to acquire a replacement
      each Lodge by April 25th.                                Dues Card at Session.
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